Service - Premium Fork Service

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Do you ride hard or race and expect the most from your equipment?  Does your fork feel more sluggish or is it louder than it used to be?  Do you have to constantly add air and tweak the settings?  Do you just flat-out rip? This is the service for you!  This should be done every year, more often if you put a lot of hours on the bike or ride in extreme conditions.


  • Inspect entire fork for damage and wear
  • Clean & lubricate lower legs
  • Clean & lubricate fork bushings
  • Professional Reassembly
  • Install fresh, new seals & wipers (included in the price!)
  • Cartridge Bleed
  • Change fork travel if desired
  • Clean & lubricate return springs
  • Clean & lubricate air chamber
  • Install a new damping cartridge (if needed, cartridge & parts are extra)


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