About us

Envelo provides product education/demonstrations, sales support, service, tuning, and marketing for leading bicycle and component brands.  We currently represent SR Suntour suspension and ebike parts, LABA7 shock dynos and vacuum pumps, Motorex oils and lubricants, Slickoleum grease and other products.  


Why the name envelo?  The envelo name comes from a combination of ideas. Velo is the latin derivative of "forbicycle."  The words “en velo” translate from French into “by bike” and we love to go by bike. The circle in the logo is to envelop all thing bicycle.



envelo and SR Suntour are an official sponsor of the CABDA expo presenting service clinics to dealers and shops around North America.

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We're also a proud sponsor of PeopleforBikes. PeopleForBikes is making biking better for everyone by uniting millions of Americans, thousands of businesses, and hundreds of communities to make every bike ride safer, more accessible, and more fun. The PeopleForBikes Coalition has more than 325 supplier members and 1.4 million supporters in its grassroots network. When people ride bikes, great things happen.

PeopleForBikes | Every rider. Every ride.


Looking for a company to represent you?  We're currently looking for additional partnerships in the cycling industry for education, marketing, promotion and sales.