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Position: Technical Sales and Service for SR Suntour and Envelo in bicycle friendly Madison,

Description: Technical sales and service for SR Suntour, consumers, dealers and bicycle
manufacturers. Manage relationships and conduct technical product presentations with bicycle
dealers and manufactures. Part time 20 - 30 hours per week, commission, and 401K benefits.

• Need to have a friendly service oriented attitude to handle technical product
and service inquiries from dealers and consumers.
• High level of bicycle mechanical aptitude required to work on suspension
forks, rear shocks, electric bike components.
• Sales support and knowledge of point of sale and inventory systems.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to develop and lead technical education workshops on suspension
and electric bicycle components.

• Handle technical product, warranty, and service communication with
consumers, dealers, and OEM bicycle suppliers.
• Provide technical training to bicycle mechanics and bicycle manufacturers.
• Maintain and repair bicycle suspension forks, rear shocks and electric bicycle
SR Suntour is a world-leading manufacturer of suspension forks, rear shocks, and
electric bicycle components.

Envelo is a division of Madison, Wisconsin based USUL MD Corporation. Envelo is
established to promote brands through events, conduct dealer education clinics, and
support sponsored athletes at race venues.
Send resumes to: [email protected]
Envelo is a member and education center with the Professional Bicycle Mechanics
Association serving to advocate, promote, and develop bicycle mechanics.