2018 Durolux 29"/27.5"+ Boost 170mm R2C2 Fork

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Downhill performance disguised in Enduro costume! Enduro racing nowadays is fancy about 29“ wheels, the DUROLUX will unleash riders’ potential on taller wheels. The DUROLUX comes with the World Cup proven R2C2 PCS cartridge, the definition of pure traction and control. 36mm stanchions, 27.5“ and 29“ wheels, tied with 150-180mm of travel are the perfect mix to attack demanding tracks. Integrated and detachable trail fender, QSP ports, 180mm direct brake mount and QSP construction tick the boxes of dedicated pilots such as Remy Absalon winning the Megavalanche 2016. The devil has worked into the details with the new 29“ DUROLUX revamping construction and materials with a celestial outcome and weight dropping even below the 27.5“ version.

  • Magnesium Lowers
  • Boost Spacing, 29" Wheels (27.5"+ compatible) 
  • All new R2C2 Cartridge fully sealed and serviceable hydraulic cartridge with Piston Compensator System (PCS)
  • 170mm travel (adjustable up to 180 mm with 10 mm spacers)
  • Rebound adjust and High & Low Speed Compression adjust.
  • Hollow Forged 7050 alloy crown
  • Butted 36mm7050 alloy stanchions, black
  • Boost QR 15mm thru axle
  • Integrated detachable Fender
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